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Casino SEO Needs To Be Handled Differently, We Know How To Do It!

Reaching the top of search ranking in the competitive casino landscape is a completely different ball game. Rest assured as we have your back, with our experience and understanding of the industry and the bespoke strategies we have implemented successfully for our casino clients.

Since the casino landscape is super-competitive, building a strategy requires innovative ideas that take you ahead of the competition.
The industry is ever-evolving and there are opportunities galore. The right approach to SEO can help you avail them to your advantage.
The challenges of link building in the casino niche are immense as many sites prefer not to be a part of the industry, so your strategy needs to address this challenge.

The Challenges Of Casino SEO

Promoting a casino can be much tougher than doing the same for any other type of business. You cannot always expect to impress the search engines with just regular gambling keywords. Moreover, the competition for keywords with the highest conversion rates is so tough that getting the top slot can be a massive struggle. Still, using the right strategy and approach for crafting your casino SEO campaign can get you the results you want. At MixBacklinks, we are a professional casino SEO agency that blends the right skills and experience to create multifaceted, strategy-backed SEO campaigns for casino clients. Rest assured, we will build a campaign that gets you ahead, regardless of the challenges and competition you face!

  • Secure a higher ranking for greater online visibility and better traffic
  • Gain trust and credibility through organic search results for your website
  • Capture the attention of genuine audience and boost your revenue

Our Process

When it comes to casino SEO, keyword optimization is more than just including gambling-specific phrases throughout your website. Rather, it requires extensive research on different terms and phrases, analyzing how competitive they are and identifying the ones that will bring the best ROI. That is exactly what we do, with a thorough analysis of keywords and the competition to ensure that you get the best from your campaign.
With a seasoned content creation team that specializes in iGaming and casino content, we are capable of empowering your content marketing campaigns. Our writers create and optimize high-quality, unique and valuable content pieces related to the niche. While the quality content we churn out is sure to get you the backlinks from the best sites in the niche, it also has the potential to get your visitors hooked and coming back for more.
Apart from a robust link-building strategy, you will also need to work on your website’s structure and content to boost search results successfully. A well-optimized site structure is, in fact, half the work done when it comes to getting on top of search rankings. We start with an in-depth audit of your website, spot errors and address them effectively. We also build a clear hierarchy of pages and ensure that each one has keyword-optimized and high-value content.
We don’t just optimize your casino website and empower it with a strong backlink profile. We also make sure that it is optimized for conversions. It’s important that your search traffic converts into as many customers as possible. Our team possesses a wealth of conversion experience in the casino niche and implements the right strategies to help you boost the new player conversion rates and retain the existing ones as well.

We want our clients to see the results we bring for them, so comprehensive reporting is a vital element of our service offering. Our team is always there to explain things and clarify any doubts you have throughout the project progress.

Looking for a mind-blowing SEO strategy?


As the name implies, casino SEO is Search Engine Optimization specifically for websites in online gambling domain such as online casinos, online lottery, sports betting (eSports), roulette, poker, etc. It is quite different from the conventional SEO because of the nature of the industry.
The last few years have brought significant growth in the global iGaming industry. The legalization of sports betting has fuelled the popularity of the industry even more. The growing competition makes it essential to fight for the top spot on search rankings, which is the reason why you must opt for casino SEO by experts. It is all about being visible to the audience and getting traffic for your website because they are most likely to click on the top search results. Moreover, casino SEO boosts your brand by getting your website positioned on the first page.
Link building in Casino SEO gets tricky and you cannot take the same approach as with conventional link building. You cannot expect to collaborate with sites easily and Google requires relevant and authoritative backlinks to trust businesses in this niche. However, our dedicated in-house team is capable of addressing all these challenges because they are great at outreach and relationship building. So you can expect us to get you ahead on this front.
Every client has unique challenges, expectations, goals and budget, so you cannot expect us to define a typical result that fits every client’s specifications. However, we assure that we will go the extra mile to get you high search rankings, traffic and sales just as you would want. We have an excellent track record and a long list of happy clients to validate our claim.
Once again, we cannot give a definite answer to this one but we do our best to get you visible results as soon as possible. Every casino site is different and so would be its goals. Some expect sustainable and steady growth to get new visitors while others to rank fast before the next big event or season. Some clients are already established while others need to invest time building a foundation first. With such factors, the timelines for results are different.