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Driving Your Business Revenue & Growth Through Cannabis SEO

Selling cannabis products,CBD & marijuana online is very different from selling any other product. So you need to think differently when it comes to having the right online marketing and SEO strategy.

We have witnessed the cannabis industry evolve and have also helped businesses grow their customer base through organic search right from the time CBD first hit the e-commerce landscape. With the domain expertise we possess and the experience with the top brands in the industry, we offer cannabis SEO services which are designed to bring impactful results for your business.

Who We Serve

  • Local Dispensaries

    If you run a local dispensary, we make sure that you are accessible to the customers. Just share your NAP details with us and we will take care of the rest with the most amazing local SEO campaign. All you need to do is just count the cash!

  • Sellers

    Marijuana buyers, local or international, prefer to explore the market online before they actually visit the physical stores around them. We make sure that your business is listed across the best local directories so that prospective buyers find you just everywhere it matters.

  • E-commerce Stores

    Beyond just local dispensaries and sellers, we serve national and global e-commerce distributors too. We have some of the leading CBD, Marijuana seeds e-Commerce stores in our clientele and have helped them boost their traffic and sales through white hat SEO techniques.

  • Breeders

    With the demand for the premium quality cannabis growing at a rapid pace, there is a corresponding increase in the demand for seeds. Our dedicated Cannabis SEO services help breeders reach out to and acquire the best buyers for their seeds.

  • Cultivators

    Since cannabis cultivators are confined by the state laws, the only way they can connect with the customers is through an online channel. You need not worry at all because our SEO services help you be visible and accessible to just the right customers.

  • Value-Added Manufacturers

    As the demand for cannabis products evolves, so do the opportunities for Value Added manufacturers. At the same time, the growing competition brings the pressing need to move ahead. This is exactly what we can do for your business with our SEO expertise.

The recent legalization of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use has brought a significant boom for the industry throughout North America. The impact is visible in the form of immense growth of marijuana-related businesses across the country. The North American cannabis industry, which was valued at $13.21 billion in the year 2018, is predicted to reach the market value of $36.7 billion by 2025.

The choices for cannabis lovers extend beyond homemade pot brownies today. Rather the industry has witnessed an immense market expansion along with the diversification of products and services like never before. No wonder, the emerging cannabis companies are willing to go the extra mile with their business practices for legitimizing and fortifying their position in the increasingly competitive landscape.

A detailed and result-focused online marketing strategy, therefore, emerges as a key element of the business plan of a typical cannabis seller. However, there always are some challenges related to building such a strategy– all the more when it is for a business in the cannabis industry. The major challenge in this context is the constraints to marketing their business and products through paid search or paid social. The reason being that advertising platforms like Google Ads and Facebook have their own inhibitions about promoting cannabis-related companies and products due to federal regulations. Obviously, this is a hindrance for their ability to secure traffic through these advertising channels.

Consequently, building a strong organic online presence does not remain a choice for cannabis companies that look to establish themselves as reputed domain leaders. The absolute truth you must realize is that you have to invest in Cannabis SEO to take your marijuana business to the next level.

Essentially, Cannabis or CBD marketing through SEO involves a mix of quality content with authority backlinks. Simply speaking, you need to optimize your website with informative, niche-relevant content and create a backlinking strategy that aligns with the best practices defined by the popular search engines such as Google and Bing.

While we unlock the potential of ‘Marijuana SEO’ for your company, our objective is to optimize the search queries that relate to your business. With this initiative, your website gets exposure to the interested audience through search engine result pages (SERPs). The visibility of your website grows even more as you rank higher for all the relevant keywords. As a result, more qualified visitors are able to find your business online organically. This translates into greater customer engagement with your website – through means like online orders, product sales, newsletter subscriptions and other interactions including form submissions, phone calls and content downloads.

Ideally, any business that offers cannabis products or services online or has a query form on their website can derive extensive benefits from optimizing their site to drive qualified audience. Since almost every company is investing in cannabis SEO right now, not leveraging the tactic means that your business would surely miss out on traffic and conversions.

Building a viable SEO presence is essential for any cannabis business that relies on online sales or customer awareness to survive and grow. Considering the restrictions on paid advertising for cannabis products, all companies dealing in them should surely make a Cannabis SEO strategy a part of their marketing initiative, as it is the best option for driving organic traffic to your business website. 

Needless to say, organic competition is growing rapidly as competitors struggle to occupy the top search result position for their specific niches. Whether it is for desktop mobile visitors, being on the top positions in organic searches is the only way to stay ahead.  The good news for you is that probably a majority of your competitors either don’t have an SEO plan or struggle to implement it effectively. Not doing SEO for your website is as good as letting your customers go to your competitors because potential customers are bound to settle for a website that appears on the first page when they search Google for shopping. So Marijuana SEO emerges as an apt choice for you if you operate on any of the following business models:

  • Local Weed Producers and Sellers
  • Cannabis E-Commerce
  • Wholesale Cannabis Products and Services
  • Branded Cannabis Products and Accessories
  • Cannabis Product Variants such as oil, dry leaves, etc.
  • Medical or Recreational Dispensaries 
  • Cannabis Transporters
  • Cannabis Resellers

Building a well-rounded, sustainable cannabis website takes a lot of work. And beyond that, you will also need to focus on optimizing the site, building impeccable content and creating a winning backlinking strategy to achieve success for your website. Apart from these core elements, our SEO agency can implement additional SEO Strategies for our clients, which include but are not limited to:

  • Thematic Keyword Research – for identifying keywords which drive qualified traffic and business to the core pages and products
  • Marijuana-specific Competition Analysis – for capitalizing on content gaps for outranking your major competitors
  • Local SEO/ Optimization for Google My Business– for enabling local businesses such as dispensaries and resellers to establish a  robust local presence on Google Maps and Map Stacks 
  • Conversion Optimization – for understanding the factors which enable your site capture more leads for greater conversions and sales
  • Citation Building – for nurturing your online presence with local citations that empower it with greater local authority
  • Manual Link/Citation Disavow – for trimming and disavowing any existing bad links on the web

Apart from these, link equity is the key SEO factor according to Google. If you are linking correctly and efficiently, a ranking boost comes naturally for your website. However, the challenge with the strategy is that it may take hundreds of hours and humongous efforts to collect enough links to make an impact. This is exactly what MixBacklinks can help you with- we come up with an innovative approach to acquiring links and building a portfolio of strong links that deliver tangible results. 

Whether it is thematically relevant page content, ideal anchor text placement or domain ranking, we take care of all three crucial aspects of link building. MixBacklinks leverages a proprietary link acquisition method that combines technology and human expertise to identify broken links on contextually relevant websites and contact their owners to request replacement with exact match anchor text. Since we are capable of streamlining the most challenging aspect to SEO, we undoubtedly come ahead as the best SEO cannabis marketing agency for you. 

Collaborating with an award-winning Link building agency like MixBacklinks surely gives you a competitive edge against the leading players in your domain. 

It is vital for cannabis businesses to find the most relevant target keyword themes. A fundamental SEO factor in this context is to pinpoint the search queries with different levels of search intent which engage different stages of the typical buyer journey. This will open valuable opportunities for the potential visitors to explore your website and nurture their brand awareness. 

MixBacklinks has worked with both established and emerging cannabis companies to create a channel for long term, sustainable organic traffic, leading the three-digit revenue growth while going beyond their ROI expectations.

Regardless of the size and scale of your business, organic traffic is the most reliable, scalable and affordable means to get new customers. It empowers you to maximize your website’s and business’ profitability, with unique customers who neither knew about your site nor visited it before. On the average, 2.5% of the visitors to a site convert into customers. With this statistic, you could safely assume that your business would get 25-30 new customers for every 1000 organic visitors who come from SEO. Surely, it makes cannabis SEO a worthwhile investment!

At MixBacklinks, we aspire to deliver the best marijuana SEO services for our clients with the objective to drive real, tangible results for them. We have devised proven strategies and best practices that generate traffic for marijuana websites, increase their conversions and accelerate revenue growth for them. Beyond conversions and sales, our strategy also focuses on consolidating your customer base while assuring the best ROI with our campaigns. 

Strategic Campaigns

Our digital marketing experts and PR specialists are dedicated to serving the best campaigns for the clients. We tailor strategic campaigns by researching your business and coming up with a plan that is just right for your unique needs. The campaigns are white-label, which means that you need not stress about phishing and frauds. 

Streamlined Process 

Once we have a campaign to start with, we put it in process. Our process is streamlined, right from the initial research to design to the delivery of the results. This makes it easy for the clients to understand our strategy.

Excellent Results  

Our campaigns are result-driven and we make sure that they are fine tuned to perfection. Every single aspect is handled and performed in the right manner, which is the reason we have earned the reputation for delivering excellent results every time. Our customers have witnessed a remarkable increase in their website ranking, traffic and conversions.

Measurable Growth

Our tailored SEO campaigns and customized services guarantee qualified traffic that generates high conversions for your website. Simply speaking, these are the users who come with the intention to buy. Wouldn’t it be much easier to sell and increase your revenues? Measurable growth within the shortest time span….that’s what we promise!

At MixBacklinks, we prioritize results and give our best efforts to bring them at the earliest. The success of an SEO campaign can be defined on the basis of the results it delivers in terms of website ranking, traffic and conversions. After all, it is the revenue that matters the most for a business and only a campaign that brings revenues is successful. We aspire to make each of our campaigns a success and make sure that we deliver what clients expect from us. 

Domain Specific Experience

We bring hands-on experience in the marijuana domain, which gives us a definite edge over others. Our in-depth understanding of the customers’ expectations, market landscape and business challenges make us capable of creating a strategy that really works.

Dedicated Customer Managers

Keeping our process simple and delivering results is what matters the most to us. For this reason, we have a dedicated customer manager looking after every single project.

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